Disabled access building adaptations

We provide a wide range of disabled access building adaptations for all types of buildings and properties.

What types of disabled access building adaptations do you offer for commercial or public access buildings?

From concrete or metal ramps to widening doors to allow easier wheelchair access, and from through-floor lifts to automated doors, we can make all the necessary alterations to ensure your building is accessible and up to regulation.

We provide all the necessary works, materials and equipment to change your building to be more disabled friendly and accessible. For public access buildings, we can bring your building up to date with the relevant regulations as set in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Can you make disabled access building adaptations for privately owned homes?

We certainly can. This is a more customised service, and the alterations will depend largely on your personal needs. Wheelchair or walking aids users will possibly benefit greatly from access ramps, which can be of permanent or removable nature. Widening of doors within the house may also be a necessary adaptation to allow for easy movement from room to room (read more about our structural building alterations services). We can also alter the slope of your driveway to make access easier from and to your car, and add handrails near doors, steps, or anywhere else they may be of use inside and outside the building. We can also make your bathroom easier to access by converting your bath into a wet room with all necessary rails and equipment to suit your individual requirements.

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