1st and 2nd fix Carpentry

1st and 2nd Fix carpentry is one of Self Builders skills brought up within the civil engineering industry.

Our 1st fix carpentry services

Our 1st fix carpentry services refers to the initial stage of a building’s construction. Anything from foundation work to frames, studwork, floor joists, roof struts, staircases, window frames, exterior doors, internal door linings and roofings. We can also offer building site boundaries, fencing and compound fencing including building gates for site vehicles.

Our 2nd fix carpentry services

The 2nd fix carpentry stage comes after plastering has finished in the property. It is where the property gets the finishing touches, such as architraves, floorboards, skirting boards, mouldings, internal doors (which can be softwood or hardwood) and their frames, staircase parts etc.. After the completion of 2nd fix carpentry the house or property is ready to be used and delivered to the client.

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