Asbestos removals

We offer our Asbestos Removals service for all types of buildings in the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire area. We cover both domestic and commercial properties and clients.

Who can benefit from out Asbestos removals service

If you are a private or commercial property owner that wishes to remove and dispose of asbestos, you need an experienced and responsible company to prepare everything for you and complete the works efficiently and to a high professional standard.

Our Asbestos removals process in detail

We will first survey the building to identify where asbestos is located, what type it is and what risks are associated with its removal and disposal. Once we complete our risk assessment, we will discuss with you the available options you have and quote you a very competitive price. On the agreed day, our expert team will arrive on time to commence the works. We will bring our specialised equipment that will ensure we can remove the asbestos from the property following all legal requirements. We will then dispose of the collected asbestos in accordance with relevant legislation.

Asbestos removals aren’t that complex

If you have a specialist taking care of the removal process safely, there is nothing the property owner should be worried about. There is a wide range of specialised tools and a long experience behind us that allows us to get the job done right, for the right price and most of all safely.

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