Structural building alterations

Are you looking to make structural building alterations to your property? Let us help you with any layout changes you wish to make.

What are structural building alterations?

Wish to take advantage of an unused loft? Want to get rid of a wall? Want to change your living room to open plan? These are all structural building alterations.

Anything that can be classed as development, is considered a building alteration. For examply changes to your home’s layout like joining two rooms to create one large open plan living space, adding an extension or conservatory, converting your basement or your loft into a living space etc., all fall under this category.

What type of structural building alterations can you provide?

We can arrange everything for you, from sketching and design all the way to completion. We will take care of everything:

  • steel support beam installations
  • steelworks
  • underpinning
  • foundations
  • excavations
  • drainage
  • electrics
  • new openings for doors or windows
  • door or window widening
  • basement construction
  • steel or concrete lintels
  • brick and blockwork
  • demolition of walls

and any other structural alteration works required for domestic or commercial buildings. We can make structural alterations to homes, schools, offices, warehouses, hotels, B&Bs, and any other building.

Let our experts create the ideal space, the way you want it, with the best materials and at very competitive prices.

If there is anything in this field we can assist you with, please get in touch!

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