Minor and Major Demolition and Site Clearance

We offer minor and major demolition services for all types of buildings and structures. We ensure that minimal disruption takes place for the neighbouring properties. Following the demolition, our site clearance service leaves the land ready to be rebuilt.

What you need from a responsible minor and major demolition and site clearance company

We are a responsible company and have the know-how to deconstruct buildings of any type with a wide range of equipment and specialised operators. We always aim to recycle as much material as possible from the site and dispose of the rest in a safe and legal way. Our staff are trained and experienced and can carry out all types of minor and major demolition, using the latest techniques and following all relevant regulations.

Our preparation for a minor and major demolition and site clearance

Starting with a risk assessment we first identify your needs and create a working plan. This is necessary in order to ensure the process will flow uneventfully and with minimal disruption to the neighbours and nearby buildings, structures or the environment. In both minor and major demolition, we locate vulnerable structures and trees in the surrounding area and cover or otherwise protect them if needed to avoid any damage. An additional step we take, especially when dealing with old, damaged or derelict buildings is to assess its structural integrity to ensure our process satisfies all required Health & Safety regulations. Furthermore, we also secure the site in a way that protects the general public, prevents unauthorised access and minimises risks of injury to people or property nearby (see more about our Short Term Temporary Security Fencing). This is a necessary step as we want to eliminate any risks to the public. More risk assessments are performed at later stages as this is a dynamic environment and new risks arise during the whole process.

The demolition and site clearance stage

We first ensure that any hazardous, toxic or contaminated materials are removed from the site and disposed of according to regulations. Then we isolate any utilities that may be running on site (electricity, water, sewer), to allow for safe reconnection if the site will be rebuilt later. The next step is the removal of fittings, fixtures and any other items that are non-structural, before we begin the demolition. The demolition method itself largely depends on the building or structure, and the appropriate size machinery is used for each project, resulting in savings for you as we use the right machine for the job each time.

Site clearance after the demolition

The materials we gather during and after the demolition are recycled as much as possible by separating them and transferring them to recycle centres. Timber, bricks and any other material we can gather are used in other projects, often related to conservation, as we always try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Any non-recyclable materials are then transferred to the landfill. The site and all groundworks are left clear of any demolished material, so that the land is ready for your next construction project.

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