Internal and External Decoration

We provide expert internal and external decoration services for urban and countryside properties. Our operators produce very high quality results in all types of buildings.

Unmatched internal and external decoration services

We have been decorating internally and externally a wide variety or properties, from multi-story offices to listed houses and buildings, schools, nurseries, council houses, restaurants etc. We pride ourselves in being tidy, producing great results, leaving the site clean after we are done and keeping a great work ethic that makes us very popular with our clients.

Our internal and external decoration process

We first start with assessing the building and the client’s needs. We offer a range of options that will allow the client to choose from, taking into account the practicality, protection of the building, environmental impact and, of course, costs involved. Once the client makes their choice, we move to the next stage, which is preparation. We move nearby items and fixtures and cover all non moveable furniture (or external items if decorating externally) to protect them. We then ensure that any skirting boards and other borders or edges are covered with high quality tape, and then start preparing the surface according to the client’s requirements. Any cracks or gaps are filled in, then the whole surface is sanded (depending on the underlying material) and dust removed. If the walls were wallpapered, we can remove the existing wallpaper and apply new one, or prepare the wall for painting.

Once everything is done, we will remove all protective covers and tape, reattach fittings and fixtures, and leave behind us a clean and tidy area ready to be used and enjoyed.

For external decoration, we can provide all necessary scaffolding, protective equipment and high quality materials that will ensure the longevity of the decorated area, the protection of the underlying surface and an excellent visual result you will be proud of.

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