Boarding and Securing of Derelict, Abandonded or Damaged Buildings

Boarding and securing a derelict and abandonded building is a very important responsibility of a property owner. If vagrants, children or any unauthorised member of the public gain access to your building and hurt themselves or cause damage to someone else, you may be liable.

Why boarding and securing of derelict, abandoned or damaged buildings matters

An unsecured building always attracts unwanted attention. The fact that a building does not seem used, owned, cared for, occupied and secured, means that it is very easy to get into, damage, or even set on fire. What starts as a building with only a broken window, may end up in all the windows smashed, vagrants occupying it, vandals destroying it or criminals using it for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

To prevent all this from happening, you need to ensure that a building that is abandonded or damaged is secured and boarded. Unsecured buildings represent a hazard to the public and can become a serious issue for the legal owner.

What does boarding and securing of derelict, abandoned or damaged buildings help with?

Even though boarding and securing a building is a temporary measure, it goes a long way. Boarding helps to:

  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Reduce exposure to the elements
  • Reduce risks of criminal damage or arson
  • Slow down the deterioration of the structure from weather and vandalism
  • Prevent rough sleepers from occupying the building
  • Prevent illegal activities such as drug use, storage, dealing, or production, along with the related dangerous waste
  • Prevent fly-tipping opportunists, thus avoiding the related costs the building owner will incur to dispose of the fly-tipped material

It is important to note that boarding needs to be done properly and by a responsible company. Our expertise allows us to board up doors, windows and out of ground areas in the correct manner to inhibit access on the site.

On other sites which have been reknown for attracting kids or vagrants from getting in, we also offer steelwork window cladding with security bolts, which are nearly impossible to remove without the right equipment.

If my building is derelict, why should I waste money in boarding and securing it?

Because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. An unsecured building can cost a lot when you have to account for:

  • Theft of building materials such as pipes, cabling, building contents etc..
  • Costs for potential infestations, contamination or fly-tipped materials.
  • Water or elements damage which can become very expensive or impossible to repair.
  • Compensation or other incurred costs for anyone who has an accident while accessing the site.

Believe it or not, an empty building requires as much security as a vacant one.

Is boarding up a building enough to secure it?

Boarding up a building is only half the work. A building will only be as secure as its weakest link, and it is important that regular monitoring is performed to identify such weak links and ensure that the security measures that have been put in place are not breached. We can provide solutions for regularly monitoring the boarding measures applied and fix any issues that may arise. We can also provide Short Term Temporary Security Fencing, high visibility surveillance and even site security.

If there is anything in this field we can assist you with, please get in touch!

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