Storm damage repairs

Our expert team can provide storm damage repairs for interior and exterior damage that has been caused by bad weather, fire or flooding. We cover both domestic and commercial buildings.

What types of storm damage repairs we offer

We can repair damages to your roof, exterior, gutters, internal leaks or other water damage, cracks or severe physical damage that hail, strong winds, fallen trees or flying debris have caused to your property. We’ll recommend you the best materials and explain the benefits of using them, and we’ll ensure your budget is well spent and produces the very best result possible.

We will assess the damage and explain to you the repairs we recommend, and the budget you’ll need to spend to have the repairs done. We do waterproofing, remove floodwater, repair walls, floors, ceilings, tiling, chimneys, cellars, roofs, guttering, windows etc.

Why storm damage repairs need to be addressed urgently

The sudden nature of a damage caused by a storm, flooding or fire can be very stressful. Nevertheless, such damages need to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the building. Also, should the damage include problems in the property’s perimeter, issues of security arise that make the repair even more urgent. A delayed repair can lead to further damage and can increase the repair costs significantly.

Severe weather and its resulting storm damage is becoming a more frequent occurence now with the effects of global warming. The need for a responsible and experienced repairs company is therefore a necessity. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals who will assess the damage, provide you with safe options to choose from for the repair, and carry it out from start to finish to a high standard.

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