Flooring repairs

Flooring damage or normal wear is something that occurs very easily and a good flooring repair makes your home look nice and eliminates injury risks. Being the most used part of your property, where everyone accessing it walks on and where everything is standing on.

What types of flooring repairs we can offer

We can repair any damage on tiles, wood, vinyl, parquet, hardwood or laminate. In wooden floors we can replace missing bits making sure we match the colour and bringing it back to its original glory. In tiled floors, we make sure the broken tiles are removed safely so as to avoid any cracks to the rest of the floor, and then replace the tiles as necessary. On laminate floors, we can repair scratches or replace part or all of the floor with a new floor of your choice.

A responsible company for your flooring repairs

We will provide you with an estimate for the service required, making sure we give you different options to choose from which will be within your budget.  Once work has been agreed, we will arrange an appointment when we will come to do the works. Apart from the flooring repair or installation itself, we will also remove and dispose of old damaged floors, debris etc.. We are tidy and clean, and when we finish our work we will leave the area nice and tidy for you to enjoy your repaired floor.

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