Site Security

Construction sites of commercial or domestic vacant properties are an easy prey for vandals and criminals. We provide site security services to protect these properties and their contents.

What types of construction sites require site security?

Protecting a building or a site from unwanted access is something that can eliminate lots of headaches. In the construction world, site security is most important. Deterring unauthorised access to a building site protects the materials stored there, the people working on a site and the construction itself. This allows for uninterrupted operations and minimises the operating costs, damages or insurance claims from potential accidents. Instead of replenishing materials that vandals have destroyed or criminals have stolen, you can concentrate on how to complete your project.  This is where our site security services can assist.

Is site security recommended for damaged buildings or buildings under repair?

Yes, it is the property owner’s responsibility to prevent unauthorised access, but it is also to their benefit. Apart from the risks of criminals stealing equipment, damaging your infrastructure or stealing building materials, you need to also prevent those who wish to use your building as a base for illegal activities, such as drug dealing. Boarding and securing of derelict, abandonded or damaged buildings may be a good first step, but it can only do so much. Site security staff can patrol the building and ensure that any intruders are quickly removed from the site using the proper procedures. We can arrange for manned security to cover your building and can even provide CCTV installations and monitoring, lighting and motion detectors, all customised to your needs and the threats you wish to address.

How can I decide what site security I need?

The first thing we will do is to make a risk assessment to see exactly what your risks are and what you need to do to mitigate them. A detailed risk assessment will identify potential risks to you, the people working on the site, the site itself and any intruders. We will check the site’s vulnerable areas and potential entry points, how isolated it is, how well it is currently protected (lighting, barriers, locks, boarded windows etc) and what risks and hazards exist if unauthorised entry is gained. We will also examine the contents of the building that need securing, such as building materials, machinery and any other equipment that may look attractive to crinimals. We will then advise you on what site security measures you need to take, both when there is active work on site and when the site is closed. Then we will advise you on how many manned security personnel you will need to achieve your goals and at what time their presence would be beneficial to you (24 hours, night only etc.). We will then arrange for the personnel to work in shifts, protect your property and promptly inform you (and the relevant authorities) of any intrusions. This is an important aspect of your site security as it ensures intruders will not be allowed the time to carry out their malicious acts and will be evicted from your site as quickly as possible. Please note that all our site security personnel are SIA certified professionals.

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