Short Term Temporary Security Fencing

Need a site temporarily fenced? Do you need to short-term protect a property from public access? We can arrange that for you. Our team can provide all the necessary equipment to make your site secure.

Where is short term temporary fencing required?

Our temporary security fencing is a great solution until more permanent security measures can be taken or structures are built. It can be used in construction or demolition sites, buildings that are waiting for repairs of damage to property by vehicles but also in public attendance outdoor events, shows, exhibitions, music festivals and wherever else crowd management or access prevention is required.

What does a short term temporary security fencing include?

The barriers used are constructed of galvanmised welded metal mesh, which is rust and corrosion proof. Apart from the usual fence panels, we can also offer anti-climb panels, tarps, noise blocking covers, as well as vehicle or pedestrian fence gates. This all comes at affordable prices that will give you the peace of mind that your site is not only secured but also accessible by those authorised to enter it.

What are the benefits and advantages of short term temporary security fencing?

There are several:

  • It is a low cost solution to temporarily solve access problems.
  • It is mobile, meaning you can use the same equipment on different areas of the same site without any added expense.
  • It is highly customisable to your exact building or site needs.
  • It is versatile, allowing you to adjust it the way you want to optimise the foot traffic patterns and accessibility.
  • It is temporary, which means you can use it on a different site when works have been completed.

The biggest advantage is that it can be used in a wide variety of sites and situations as an affordable short term solution.

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