Hard landscaping

We provide hard landscaping services for businesses and domestic clients who wish to improve their property’s outside areas. Using a wide range of aggregates, gravel, cut wood, stone, paving slabs, wooden fences and even water features, we can transform a garden to an amazing living area where people can enjoy nature and horticultural activities making good use of the outdoor space.

Furthermore, for gardens that have been neglected, we can do a full clearance, remove wild and unwanted vegetation, and create pathways and spaces ready to be planted further.

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Our process starts with you first. We will listen to your requirements and will discuss about possible ways you can go by to alter your space. We will take into account the layout of the land, any particular obstacles and limitations, and of course your preferences in the type of materials you want to use. We will then devise a plan that you will make use of all the above, to create a beautiful setting that is both practical and easy to maintain afterwards.

I have a hard landscaping plan in my mind. Will it work?

That’s great! We can use this as our starting point and go from there. The most important part is that you will be able to get your garden and outdoor space the way you want. Of course, if there is anything you need to avoid, we’ll let you know and we will provide you with feedback that will help you make informed decisions before committing to a final plan.

What works need to be done when hard landscaping?

Depending on the extent of your area and your desired changes, there many need to be work, alterations or repairs done. Usual works include:

  • Potentially levelling and compacting of existing earth.
  • Drainage, which is often overlooked and can lead to very serious issues down the road.
  • Outside electrical cabling in case lighting is involved.
  • Edging, which can be made with brick or wood.
  • The building of a pond and the provision of all necessary equipment.
  • Walls or fencing, which are often necessary to stabilise load-bearing areas but also bring some privacy to your garden.
  • Access paths, which can be layed with a wide range of materials.
  • Underlays to keep materials in place.
  • Concrete or block paving laying.
  • Block paving for parts of all of your garden area.
  • Patio creation and laying, which will create a special place for the home’s residents to sit around.
  • Steps, using slabs or natural material.

Our dedicated team will help you choose the right materials, make the most out of your budget, inform you about the advantages or disadvantages of various materials and do all necessary work to create a beautiful and long lasting space that you will be proud of.

Our hard landscaping services do not stop there!

We can take upon repairs in existing hard landscapein elements such as walls, fences, drains, access paths, block paving etc. We also offer complete clearance of old vegetation and debris from your garden, even if it’s wildly overgrown and we can safely and legally dispose of garden material, as well as tree fell / tree surgeon services. There is practically nothing we cannot do, so feel free to ask.

If there is anything in this field we can assist you with, please get in touch!

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