Repairs of damage to property by vehicle

Has your property suffered damage from a vehicle? You can call on our services for temporary repairs, boarding etc. or a full repair when your property building has been involved in damage from vehicle collisions.

Damages to property by a vehicle can range from small cracks to whole walls…

Collision damages between a vehicle and a building can be minor or major. It could be that a courrier bumped on your garden’s brick wall or your fence while parking their van, to a fast speeding car that went right through your wall.

What should I look for when searching for repairs of damage to property by a vehicle?

The first step should be to secure the area, especially if the damage can allow unauthorised access to the rest of your property. We have a specialised Boarding and Securing of Derelict, Abandonded or Damaged Buildings service or a Short Term Temporary Security Fencing service that you may find useful as a temporary measure.

After that, you need to contact us so we can arrange a visit.

How much will these repairs of damage to property by vehicle cost me?

As there is is such a wide range of damage that a vehicle can cause (and a wide range of associated costs involved with its repair too), we cannot provide you with a fixed price. Working on a per-case basis, our team will initially survey the damage and advise you on the potential repair options you have. Based on your budget, the type and extent of damage and how you want the final repair to look, we will give you a competitive quote to bring everything back to its original glory, or perhaps even improve it from what is was prior to the collision.

Our dedicated team will then do all the required building and repair work to our very high standard, as instructed and agreed with you, to reach a result you will be proud of.

If there is anything in this field we can assist you with, please get in touch!

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